XMas Candle Gingerbread Limited Edition

30h+ burning time!
The most wonderful Christmas scent is “melomakarono (Gingerbread)”! Capture the tradition of the holiday season with Laouta Limited Edition Molemakarono (Gingerbread) candle.
The candle is made from premium fragrance oil, 100% soy wax, wooden wick and handmade ceramic jar!
Tip: Apply little wax while it is burning to moisturize your hands!!


Why we use wooden wick? -Do not "mushroom" and have little carbon buildup, debris, or sooting -Ecofriendly -Even burning -Large Long-lasting Flame Burning Instrictions: -Trim wick to 1cm before lighting -Never leave candle unattanded -Burn candle out of reach of children and pets or near anything that can catch fire -Do not move burning candle -Light the candle only on a flat and fireproof surface. -Keep the surface of the candle clean of matches and foreign objects to avoid strong inflammations. -Do not use water or liquids to extinguish the flame. -Always extinguish the candle with a cover. Do not blow the flame.