Repair and Hydrating Hair Oil


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Repair Hair Oil treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine—leaving you with nourished, manageable and smooth hair made with sea buckthorn and cade, this is a strengthening and hydrating blend with a fresh scent of orange peel. This hair treatment detangles & boosts shine and leave your hair manageable and smooth.

– Suitable for all hairtypes



Ingrediënts: sea buckthorn, cade, laurel, olive oil, almond oil, coconut fractionated.
slightly scented with sweet orange peel.

100% Natural product
No synthetic colors, perfumes or preservatives.



How to use

How to use:
-For a PRE-wash treatment, apply a few drops of oil through hair, massage scalp and pay attention particularly on the ends.
-For POST-wash treatment, apply a few drops to partially dried hair and then blow dry as normal.