NEW! Natural Soap Lemon

Rejuvenation | Exfoliation
This Natural Olive Oil Soap with Lemon Extract and Almond moisturize and care for the Skin. Removes dead cells by light peeling and smoothes enlarged pores.



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Laouta soaps and their beneficial qualities is the result of a long journey full of gratifying experiences of the study and the good use of the wild herbs and other natural products of Karpathos, a beautiful small island in the southern region of the Aegean sea. They are produced in the Laouta farm from where most of the production material is gathered by Karin Lachana a chemical engineer of German descent with the help of her daughter Evi Lahana, a young horticulturalist. Laouta Soaps take 6 months to make! 3 months to produce the essential oils and 3 months to store the soaps for their maturity, applying cold production method.  


Saponified Extra virgin olive oil (sodioum olivate), saponified coconut oil (5% Sodium Cocoate), lemon peel extract and peel, natural glycerin, water.

How to use

Use for Body & Face.

– Body wash and exfolation use the soap directly on the body.
– Face wash, let the soap foaming in the hand and wash your face with your hands.